Who We Are

“You’re Designed For Success”

Our Mission


Serve communities by increasing education attainment and opportunities for youth and adults as well as improving the health of families for a stronger society.


Encourage and support the youth in USA to take advantage of all the opportunities available for them by teaching them the harsh realities and difficulties that youngsters in poor countries have to face.

What We Do

sharing hope around the globe

The objective of EMD is to create a bridge connecting both youth and adult to opportunities they are desperately longing for so that they can become all that God created them to be and find their purpose in Christ Jesus.
Get Involved Today

You can help by using your time, talent and treasure to make a positive difference in the lives of the last, the lost and the least of us as you get involve in the following:n

Visit one lunch mentoring session to share your personal story of overcoming obstacles to inspire, empower and motivate the younger generation

Visit one lunch mentoring session to make a presentation on your profession to instigate the interest of undecided students on your carrier path

Join other volunteers to serve once a week (or every two weeks) as a mentor for youngsters needing positive influence, role model, words of affirmation and encouragement

Join other volunteers to provide tutoring for kids needing academic help on your favorite subject

Get your local church to adopt a school and provide the lunchtime mentoring program as a team

Visit our clinic in DRC to offer your services as medical doctors, surgeons or nurses

Host fundraiser to support EMD local programs, international missions and projects

Play part in fundraising events and activities

Donate to support EMD local programs, international missions and projects

Get involved today where needed to bring about change to millions of lives



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2356 South Martha Ave, Fresno CA 93725